Change hostname in OS X

The hostname you initially chose for your Mac gets used in various ways; as a friendly identifier for the user, file sharing, command line networking ¬†and services like AirDrop. Although you can change the computer name used for file sharing¬†in the System Preferences GUI, that’s only used for file sharing. To update the hostname across the board, you need to issue the following three commands, followed by a reboot for good measure.

ComputerName is the name shown to the user in most of the GUI, and is used for things like AppleTalk and Windows file sharing.

sudo scutil --set ComputerName "my-laptop"

HostName is the name that you’ll be using at the terminal and for networking, as reported by the hostname command.

sudo scutil --set HostName "my-laptop"

LocalHostName is used for Bonjour services.

sudo scutil --set LocalHostName "my-laptop"

Remember to reboot to make sure changes take effect.

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